CMD-Q Catcher

If you’re a mac user you might know that moment, you hand your keyboard to someone else to type his email-address in some webform… After a view moments “CMD+Q” is pressed in order to create an @. Instead of showing the intended sign the your browser is shut-down. This happens due to the fact that the @-Sign is, other then on a windows or linux pc, created via “ALT+L” on a mac. Also browser shutdown isn’t a big deal, if you’re a tab-messi like me ( there are always a few hundred open tabs, don’t know where they came from ;) ) it takes a few moments till it’s back up again.
Furthermore the already filled fields of the form are lost and have to be filled again.

Some day the described bugged me enough so i created an add-on which prevents firefox from shutting down if “CMD+Q” is pressed only once. The Add-on is called “CMD-Q Catcher” and may be found at the Mozilla-Add-on Repository. If you’ve found yourself in the same Situation in the past this add-on will help you in the feature.

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