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Erase ESP – quickly reset the wifi chip

TLDR: Install esptool.py pip3 install esptool Erase flash of the esp esptool.py — erase_flash One of my smart ESP devices wasn’t responding after a power down. I debugged the problem by connecting it to a serial interface. On the comandline … Continue reading

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CMD-Q Catcher

If you’re a mac user you might know that moment, you hand your keyboard to someone else to type his email-address in some webform… After a view moments “CMD+Q” is pressed in order to create an @. Instead of showing … Continue reading

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Make ssh’s VerifyHostKeyDNS work on OSX as it should

Finaly there is MacOS X Yosemite. With it hopefully an update of the default openssh client app i thought. After installing the update i had to admit, i was wrong. Same old OpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 2011 as in … Continue reading

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Shortcut to lock the screen on a mac

Sometimes i don’t want to put my macbook air asleep because of some job that is running. But i have to leave the room so i need to lock it. So there is a shortcut for locking the screen: Shift+Crtl+Eject … Continue reading

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[ Sabredav ] Kalender und Kontakte in Sync mit Caldav und Carddav

Mal wieder das alte Leid, Syncronisation. Heutige Episode: Calendar Sync und Contact Sync. So etwas wie iCloud oder Google Calendar bzw Google Contacts, aber die Daten bitte beim Besitzer lassen. Clients: Android Telefon, Linux& Mac Desktop (theoretisch sollte auch iPhone … Continue reading

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