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Unlocking Time: Harnessing the power of temporal tables in SQLite

SQLite is a remarkable, versatile and widely adopted embedded relational database. Extending it to store temporal tables makes it even more useful. This post will tell you what temporale tables are, why they are helpful, and how to get them working with SQLite. Continue reading

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Modern TLS Version for dovecot & postfix

(TLS 1.2 or newer) You can use the following settings to ensure that Dovecot and Postfix use a modern TLS version: For Dovecot: For Postfix: Finally, reload Postfix with systemctl reload postfix and restart Dovecot with systemctl restart dovecot.

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Setting up timesync via NTP on debian & raspberry pi

I use systemd-timesyncd to keep the system time up to date on my raspi / debian system.To do so i did the following steps: 1. Check the state of timedatectlTherefore type the comand timedatectl to the shell.The output should look … Continue reading

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Erase ESP – quickly reset the wifi chip

TLDR: Install pip3 install esptool Erase flash of the esp — erase_flash One of my smart ESP devices wasn’t responding after a power down. I debugged the problem by connecting it to a serial interface. On the comandline … Continue reading

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Limoncino Sprizt – Ligurien im Glas – ein leckeres Sundowner Getränk

Zwischen Bergen und Meer, auf kleinen Straßen die sich an den Hängen von Bucht zu Bucht winden. Wo sich die kleinen Orte bunt vom Meer den Hang hinauf winden. Hier wo die Zitronen blühen, hier in Ligurien, hier kommt er … Continue reading

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