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Garmin vivofit and the use without the garmin cloud

Data is intersting, at least in my eyes. All the more if its data about myself. As a result i was quite interested in all the fittness-trakers that recently came to market. But there was one other point that held … Continue reading

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CMD-Q Catcher

If you’re a mac user you might know that moment, you hand your keyboard to someone else to type his email-address in some webform… After a view moments “CMD+Q” is pressed in order to create an @. Instead of showing … Continue reading

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Make ssh’s VerifyHostKeyDNS work on OSX as it should

Finaly there is MacOS X Yosemite. With it hopefully an update of the default openssh client app i thought. After installing the update i had to admit, i was wrong. Same old OpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 2011 as in … Continue reading

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Diese Leere

Diese Leere, wenn eine mitreißende Geschichte endet, wenn die liebgewonnenen Figuren einfach verschwinden. Verschwinden nach dem sie gelitten, gekämpft und gewonnen haben, verschwindet nach all dem. Wenn der Faden endet, die Spur sich verliert. Verliert im Äther, im Nichts, ein … Continue reading

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