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Debian Wheezy, Atom N2800 and graphic

I recently upgraded some debian installations to the currently newest Version (wheezy). While most of the upgrades went very smooth, I ran into some trubles updating a system running on a Intel Atom Board. As I reboted the mentiond system … Continue reading

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`cat` as a shell builtin

Recently i blogged about how to get a process list if you aren’t able to fork any processes . Also a process list is allways handy, i allways find cat a very usefull tool too. But as you might have … Continue reading

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Shortcut to lock the screen on a mac

Sometimes i don’t want to put my macbook air asleep because of some job that is running. But i have to leave the room so i need to lock it. So there is a shortcut for locking the screen: Shift+Crtl+Eject … Continue reading

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How to get a process list if you can’t fork any processes?

Recently I got the question what to do if one got a bash session but can’t fork processes on a Linux system. So here is an attempt to get a processlist just by using bash buildins: OLDPWD=$PWD cd /proc for … Continue reading

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some usefull commands to transfer files via tar & netcat

I recently needed to transfer some folders from one machine to an other via lan. I could have used scp or rsync, but the cryptographic layer seems a kind of overhead to me, additonal the two pc’s weren’t the fastest. … Continue reading

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