reset your philips hue lightstrip without a dimmer switch – using deconz / conbee

To reset your philips hue lightstrip philip recomends using their dimmer switch.
If you don’t have it or just are to lazy to use it you might also reset / repair the strip using deconz.

To do so you need to use the deconz touchlink api (described here):

First step is to search for touchlink devices, its done by:
POST /api/<apikey>/touchlink/scan

Afterwards the result is queryed by
GET /api/<apikey>/touchlink/scan

The result will look something like this
"scanstate": "scanning",
"lastscan": "2022-10-12T08:14:12",
"result": {
"1": {
"factorynew": true,
"address": "0x00123abc"

Refresh that url until the scan is finished which is shown by “scanstate” having the value “idle”.

After having the full list of touchlink devices you need to identify which one is the desired light strip. To do so you can lat the devices “blink” by calling
POST /api/<apikey>/touchlink/<result_device_id>/identify where is the result id of the scanresult (like 1 in the example).

When you have the result id of the strip you want to reset simply call
POST /api/<apikey>/touchlink/<result_device_id>/reset

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