Leseempfehlung Self-Monitoring: Three Years of Logging My Inbox Count

EmailNachdem die Veröffentlichung 9 Years of Sleep,  in der Dominic Szablewski seine IRC-Logs auswertete und daraus Schlafenszeiten rekonstruierte, auch wieder einige Jahre her ist, stolperte ich heute über einen Blogpost der in eine ähnliche Richtung geht. Unter dem Titel Three Years of Logging My Inbox Count hat Mark Willson eine Analyse der von ihm gesammelten Daten über sein Email-Postfachs angestellt. Dabei zieht er spannende Verbindungen zu Stress und schaut sich die liegen gebliebenen Mails auch genauer an.

Eine spannende Lektüre wie ich finde, auch wenn er den noch spannendere Teil, über Lösungen wie man den wuchernden Garten in der Inbox in den Griff bekommt, auf einen zweiten Blogpost verschiebt. Nichts desto trotz klare Leseempfehlung.
Mark Willson: Three Years of Logging My Inbox Count, May 15, 2015

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Garmin vivofit and the use without the garmin cloud

Data is intersting, at least in my eyes. All the more if its data about myself. As a result i was quite interested in all the fittness-trakers that recently came to market. But there was one other point that held me back. In my opinion private data, among whom i include movement and sleeping data, should not float around in ”the cloud”. Cause “(t)here is no cloud – just other people’s computers”. Further more i don’t like to have an other device that needs to charge every night. It just sucks, and too often I already forget to charge my phone.

By accident I ended up with an Garmin vivofit, that luckily could meet all of my requirements in the end. But first things first, the Garmin vivofit is a bracelet that tracks movements. It distincts between steps walked, steps runned and movement done while asleep. You might think that its not much but this data is quite interessting. Its amazing how many/ how little steps one does during the days. The vivofit runs on batteries, that should last for one year and may be replaced afterwards. So the no charging requirement is met. Whats left is the cloud connection. Out of the box the vivofit syncs with garmin apps against the “garmin connect” cloud. But…

Get the data from vivofit localy

But luckily there is a python implementation of the ant+ protocoll (openant). It’s the protocol that is used by the vivofit to transmit its data. Further more there is python code to download all the data from the vivofit, so called ‘.fit’ files. Its called antfs-cli. Now one may decode the ‘.fit’ files and extract its values to generate statisitcs, graphics and so on. I’ve written some code to dump the ‘.fit’ content to the mysql-db of a remote webserver, and further some php & js number of steps per day. If there is interest drop me a line and I might publish the code. Further more I think about creating a detailed description how to setup a raspi to read data from vivofit and display the data on a website.

After using all the python projects and my own code, the vivofit meets all my expectations.
And works like a charm.


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CMD-Q Catcher

If you’re a mac user you might know that moment, you hand your keyboard to someone else to type his email-address in some webform… After a view moments “CMD+Q” is pressed in order to create an @. Instead of showing the intended sign the your browser is shut-down. This happens due to the fact that the @-Sign is, other then on a windows or linux pc, created via “ALT+L” on a mac. Also browser shutdown isn’t a big deal, if you’re a tab-messi like me ( there are always a few hundred open tabs, don’t know where they came from ;) ) it takes a few moments till it’s back up again.
Furthermore the already filled fields of the form are lost and have to be filled again.

Some day the described bugged me enough so i created an add-on which prevents firefox from shutting down if “CMD+Q” is pressed only once. The Add-on is called “CMD-Q Catcher” and may be found at the Mozilla-Add-on Repository. If you’ve found yourself in the same Situation in the past this add-on will help you in the feature.

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Ich glaube daran

Ich glaube daran,
dass auf den kältesten Winter ein warmer Sommer
und auf die dunkelste Nacht ein heller Tag folgen mag.
Bitte gib mir die Kraft an jenem Glauben festzuhalten bis ich das Glühen des Morgenrots am Horizont erkennen kann.
Und schicke deinen Mond mir den Weg zu leuchten in der finsteren Nacht…

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Make ssh’s VerifyHostKeyDNS work on OSX as it should

Finaly there is MacOS X Yosemite.
With it hopefully an update of the default openssh client app i thought. After installing the update i had to admit, i was wrong. Same old OpenSSH_6.2p2, OSSLShim 0.9.8r 8 Dec 2011 as in Maverics. With the same old bug (??) mentioned here, where adding -o VerifyHostKeyDNS=yes leads to

DNS lookup error: general failure
No matching host key fingerprint found in DNS.

That’s not nice. I do want to use SSHFP, partly because i think its a nice feature, partly because i hardly ever check the fingerprints of my hosts.

So lets fix OS X ssh client, shall we.

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